True To Its Name, “Mint” Offers One Of NY’s Most Refreshing Indian Dining Experiences



ADDRESS: 150 East 50th Street

(Between Lexington Avenue & Third Avenue)

New York, NY 10022

WEB SITE: Click Here

TELEPHONE: (212) 644-8888

FAX: (212) 644-2019

HOURS: Lunch: 11:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Mon.-Sun.

Dinner: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Sun.-Thurs.

4:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight, Fri.-Sat.

Happy Hour: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM, Mon.-Sun.

CUISINE: Regional Indian


PRICE RANGE: Lunch (entrees): $10.00 – $30.00

4-Course Prix Fixe Lunch: $17.00

Dinner (entrees): $10.00 – $30.00

3-Course Prix Fixe Dinner

with wine/beer: $40.00

DRESS: Smart Casual



Private Dining Room: 10

Bar/Lounge: 25


(Private Party Room seats 10)



WINE DIRECTOR: Nawid Sahebzada

OWNER: Gary Sikka

OPENING DATE: December, 2005


Returning for an update, after our rave review in 2005, we were delighted that Mint, the charming Indian restaurant in the San Caros Hotel,  has retained all its elegance, color and expertise. The stylish BAR/LOUNGE offers an exotic ambiance,  enhanced by a handsome 15-foot long L-shaped granite and mahogany bar, mint-colored leather and fabric-upholstered banquettes, mahogany candle-lit tables, exotic ottomans, rich wood floors, vibrant red, orange, and fuchsia hanging drum lamps, and a serene waterfall. (Semi-private and private dining areas available, as well as the whole restaurant if required),

The impressive 15-foot long custom-made, L-shaped granite and mahogany bar, located in the front of the restaurant, features a fine selection of global wines. A variety of wines are available sophisticated by the glass. In addition, a premier choice of spirits, liquors, after-dinner drinks, dessert wines, Indian beers, and specialty cocktails such as Indian Sunset (Ketel One Orange Vodka, Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice, and Cranberry Juice), Bollywoodtini (Absolut Ruby Red Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Mango Puree, and Cranberry Juice), Pomegranate Martini (Grey Goose Vodka, Pama Liqueur, and Pomegranate Juice), and Elderflower Fizz (St. Germain and Champagne) are also available. The Lunch and Dinner Menus are available at the bar.


The Main DINING ROOM: offers an  exotic, romantic ambiance for sophisticated dining, enhanced by a 12-foot high ceiling, mint-colored leather and fabric-upholstered banquettes and chairs, mahogany candle-lit tables, handsome columns, hanging red, orange, and fuchsia silk drum lamps, rich wood floors, framed Indian paintings, and colored mood lighting to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere..


Where Mint really excels in in the exquisite food and attentive service. Start with one of those expertly mixed cocktails and go easy on the extraordinary cylinders of parchment poppadoms. Don’t neglect the chutney sampler, which includes such offbeat offerings as eggplant and garlic chutney and mango, ginger, mustard seeds and chilies, as well as the soothing min raita.

While here is a bargain Prix Fixe menu, we suggest you take the a la carte route and sample such divine  appetizers as the outrageously delicious Chilly Fish, Spicy fish tossed in bell pepper, herbs and spices, along with a beautifully fresh  Corn Salad:
Corn, chopped onions, cucumber and tomatoes with lemon dressing.  Add some Chicken Seekh Kebab: Tandoori skewers of Ground chicken seasoned with herbs and spices and perhaps some of the fabulous rosemary nan bread.

By now, you are probably ready to add a bottle of white wine, beer or any thing with bubbles from the short and well priced beverage list. You must try a variety of the superb curries, each uniquely distinguished and delicious. If in doubt, ask the charming manager Nawid Sahebzada for direction. We enjoyed flavorful Goat Rogan Josh: Goat meat marinated with yogurt and cooked in a onion sauce; a delicate  Goan Fish: Seabass cooked with coconut coriander and cumin and  two versions of lentils: one with black lentils and kidney beans — the other, yellow lentils and spinach, infused with Indian herbs and spices.

We wanted to sample one dish from the Tandoor and chose the masterful Lamb Chops: Rack of lamb served with mashed potatoes, mix greens and
mint chutney . Terrific!

Even though you are probably satiated, don’t miss the light and elegant Indian sweets. Order from the Indian side of the menu (Western options are also available for chocolate lovers). Try Gulab Jamun: Warm cottage cheese and milk balls, served in sweet syrup and the refreshing Kheer, a creamy Indian rice pudding.

We love Mint and think you will be equally impressed. There is a second restaurant that opened last year in Garden City that we hope to review in the near future. The Manhattan store remains one of New York’s top and rates A Major.


Copyright 2012 By Punchin International. All Rights Reserved.


Dinner Menu

Prices & Content Subject To Change

Bombay Masala Pao $7
A special blend of tomato, herbs and spices served on bread
Vegetable Samosa $7
Crispy turnover filled with potatoes and peas
Bhel Poori $7
Rice puffs, cubed potatoes and spices in a tangy tamarind
Lasooni Gobi $8
Cauliflower prepared in a flavorful tomato-garlic sauce
Papri Chat $8
Crispy fried dough wafers and potatoes topped with
chutney and spices
Aloo Methi Tikki $9
Spicy potato fenugreek cakes, served with
chickpeas, tamarind and mint chutney
Sabzi Mewa Seekh $10
Tandoori skewers of mixed ground vegetables
and dried fruits
Paneer Pakora $10
Deep fried Indian cottage cheese served mint chutney
Chicken Samosa $10
Crispy turnovers filled with seasoned ground
Chicken Malai Kabab $12
Cubes of chicken marinated with herbs and spices
Chicken Seekh Kabab $12
Tandoori skewers of Ground chicken seasoned
with herbs and spices
Lamb Seekh Kabab $14
Tandoori skewers of Ground lamb seasoned
with herbs and spices
Jhinga Balchao $12
A Goan Specialty, Shrimps in a spicy pickled sauce
Grilled Scallops $14
Scallops served on a bed of tomato chutney and Indian
Chilly Fish $14
Spicy fish tossed in bell pepper, herbs and spices
Crab Cake $14
Prepared with crab meat, milk, eggs and spices
Tomato Soup $6
Black peppercorn and garlic flavored tomato soup
Mulligatawny Soup $6
Traditional Indian lentil soup
Mushroom / Broccoli Soup $8
Soup cream of Broccoli or Mushroom
Chicken Yakhni Soup $10
A Kashmiri aromatic & flavorful clear soup
Shrimp Tomato Soup $10
Shrimp in Black peppercorn and garlic flavored tomato
Subjiiyo Ke Bagh Se
Organic Green Salad $7
Assorted field greens and sweet peppers tossed in balsamic
and olive oil
Corn Salad $7
Corn, chopped onions, cucumber and tomatoes with lemon
Aloo Chat Salad $7
Potatoes tossed in Indian spices & herbs
Chicken Tikka Salad $10
Chicken tikka and romaine lettuce dressed with honey
mustard sauce
Lamb & Goat
Lamb Shahi Pasanda $22
Lamb cooked in a mild cashew sauce,
a Kashmir specialty
Lamb Dahiwala $22
Lamb cooked in a rich yogurt based curry, with a touch of
onions and dried fenugreek seeds
Lamb Vindaloo $22
A Goan specialty, lamb cooked in a fiery sauce of whole
red chili paste, and malt vinegar
Lamb Saag $22
Lamb cooked with healthy spinach, fenugreek and Indian
Lamb Nilgiri $24
Lamb cooked in mint and coconut, served with lemon rice
Chili Lamb $24
Lamb cooked with peppers and chilies in onion and tomato
sauce, served with basmati rice
Saag Ghosht $22
Goat cooked with healthy spinach, fenugreek and Indian
Goat Rogan Josh $22
Goat meat marinated with yogurt and cooked in a onion
Samudra Pakad
Fish Tikka Masala $26
Cubes of fish cooked in a fenugreek flavored tomato sauce
Goan Fish $28
Seabass cooked with coconut coriander and cumin
Malabar Shrimp $28
Shrimp cooked with coconut milk and spices
Saffron Shrimp $29
Wine soaked tiger prawns cooked in saffron curry, served
with basmati rice
Lobster Masala $36
Lobster tail cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, served with
mint rice
Chicken Curry $19
Traditional Indian chicken curry cooked in a rich onion
and tomato base
Chicken Tikka Masala $19
Cubes of tandoori chicken cooked in a fenugreek flavored
tomato sauce
Pepper Chicken $20
Chicken curry tempered with black pepper, curry leaves &
mustard seeds
Chicken Korma $20
Chicken is simmered in a creamy fragrant sauce with onion,
garlic, ginger and cashews
Kashmiri Chicken Kofta $20
Chicken meatballs cooked in a blend of tomato and onion
based curry
Chicken Saag $20
Chicken cooked with healthy spinach, fenugreek and Indian
Balti Chicken $20
Bone in chicken cooked in onion, tomato, ginger and
flavored Indian spices
Chicken Jalfrezi $23
Cubes of chicken cooked in a delightful spiced onion and
tomato curry, combined with pieces of fresh tomatoes,
onions and bell peppers, served with lemon rice
Chicken Xacutti $23
A Goan specialty, cooked in coconut, herbs, spices and
served with mint rice
Tandoor simply means “oven” – tradionally a clay shell, fired in early days with wood and now with
charcoal. Tandoori cuisine is almost exclusively North Indian and it started as a way of cooking
breads: but it developed as an ideal way of cooking meats and even vegetables, on long metal
skewers that stood inside the Tandoor.
The Tandoor grills and bakes at the same time. Unlike, barbecue, the moisture released from the food
is retained inside the shell. The result is meat that is meltingly tender yet thoroughly cooked,
beautifully flavored with an enticing combination of spices with the lingering hint of charcoal.
Tandoor Specialties
Mint Chicken Tikka $20
Slivers of mint flavored chicken, served with mixed greens
Tandoori Chicken $22
Chicken marinated with yogurt, herbs and spices
Lamb Chops $28
Rack of lamb served with mashed potatoes, mix greens and
mint chutney
Tandoori Jhinga $28
Jumbo prawns, marinated with spices and yogurt
Wild Salmon $30
Salmon marinated in yogurt and spices, served with
mixed greens and vegetables
Wild Sea Bass $30
Fillet of sea bass coated with cilantro and mint, served with
grilled vegetables
Tandoori Fish Tikka $26
Cubes of basa fish marinated in yougurt and spices with a
subtle flavor of carom seeds
Tandoori Lobster $36
Lobster tail marinated with mild spices and royal cumio,
served with grilled vegetables
Paneer Shashlik $18
Chunks of delicately seasoned paneer skewered along with
bell pepper and perfectly seared
Tandoori Vegetables $18
Indian cottage cheese and assorted vegetables cooked to
perfection in the clayoven
Diwan-e-Handi $16
Assorted vegetables, paneer, baby eggplant, cooked in
coconut, herbs, spices
Dum Aloo Gobi Mattar $16
Potatoes, Peas and cauliflower simmered in an onion
tomato sauce
Baingan Bharta $16
Roasted eggplant cooked in a delicious onion and tomato
Bhindi Do Pyaza $16
Okra sautéed with onion, tomato and mango powder
Ringna Bataka Nu Shak $16
Eggplant, potato and spinach prepared in a western Indian
Navratan Korma $16
Nine types of assorted vegetables cooked in a mild cashew
Saag with Chana/Paneer/Corn $16
Healthy spinach base sauteed with a choice of chickpea,
home made Indian cheese or corn
Mint Paneer $18
Indian home made cheese cooked in a mint based sauce
Paneer Makhni $18
Paneer cooked in a rich fenugreek flavored tomato sauce
Malai Kofta $18
Paneer dumplings in a rich cashew sauce
Channa Masala $14
A Punjabi specialty, chickpea cooked in tomato and onion
Yellow Tadka Dal $12
Yellow lentils and cooked with herbs and spices
Dal Makhni $14
A traditional Punjabi preparation of black lentil simmered
overnight on a slow fire with onion and garlic
Naan/Bread is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread. It is
one of the most popular varieties of South Asian
breads and it is considered the staple food
Roti $4
Whole wheat bread
Naan $4
White flour bread
Poori $5
Puffy whole wheat bread
Garlic Naan $5
Garlic flavored white flour bread
Rosemary Naan $5
Rosemary flavored white flour bread
Peshawari Naan $5
White flour bread stuffed with coconut, almonds,
raisins and cranberries
Keema Naan $8
White flour bread stuffed with minced lamb
Plain Paratha / Mint Paratha / Lacha Parantha $6
Plain or mint induced whole wheat bread
Ajwani Parantha $6
Carom seeds flavored whole wheat bread
Aaloo Paratha $6
Potato flavored whole wheat bread
Onion & Black Pepper Kulcha $6
White flour bread stuffed with onion and black pepper
Chicken Tikka & Cheddar Cheese Kulcha $7
White flour bread stuffed with shredded chicken
tikka and mild cheddar cheese
Biryani is a set of rice-based foods made with spices,
rice (usually basmati) and meat, fish, eggs or
vegetables. The name is derived from the Persian word
beryā(n) which means "fried" or "roasted"
Biryani was brought to the Indian Subcontinent by
Muslim travelers and merchants. Local variants of this
dish are not only popular in South Asia but also in
Arabia and within various Indian communities in
Western countries.
Vegetable Biryani $16
Lucknow Chicken Biryani $18
Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani $22
Amritsari Goat Biryani $22
Shrimp Biryani $28
Papadum $4
Mashed Potato $5
Cucumber Raita $5
Mint Raita $5
Plain Basmati Rice $6
Mint Rice $8
Lemon Rice $8
Tamarind Rice $8
Tomato Rice $8
Jeera Peas Pulao $8
Chutney is an Anglo-Indian loan word derived from
caṭnī, a term for a class of spicy preparations used as
an accompaniment for a main dish. Chutneys usually
contain an idiosyncratic but complementary spice and
vegetable mix.
Tomato Chutney $3
Eggplant Chutney $3
Mango Chutney $3
Combination Chutney Platter $6

Pre – Fix Chef Special $40 (Excludes Tax & Gratuity)
Choice of One Glass of Red / White Wine or Beer
First Course – ( Choice Of One )
Soup of the Day
House Salad
Second Course – ( Choice of One )
Masala Pao
Vegetable Samosa
Lasooni Gobi
Chili Chicken
Mint Chicken
Lamb Seekh Kebab
Jhinga Balchao
Third Course – ( Choice of One, Pre Plated )
Tandoori Vegetables ( served w. Rice, Daal & Naan )
Paneer Tikka Masala ( served w. Rice, Daal & Naan )
Chicken Xacutti ( served w. Assorted Vegetables, Rice & Naan )
Chicken Jalfrezi ( served w. Assorted Vegetables, Rice & Naan )
Chili Lamb ( served w. Assorted Vegetables, Rice & Naan )
Shrimp Tikka Masala (served w. Assorted Vegetables, Rice & Naan)
Chicken/Lamb/Goat/Shrimp Biryani (served w. Cucumber Raita & Daal)

PRIVATE DINING ROOM: An intimate Private Dining Room, located in the back of

the restaurant and separated by a colorful chiffon

curtain, features leather and fabric-upholstered banquettes

and chairs, candle-lit mahogany tables, and mood

lighting to create a stylish, intimate setting for customized

private parties and special events. It seats 10.


Mint can cater parties large and small for both daytime

and evening events. In addition, there are two 2nd floor

conference rooms in the San Carlos Hotel, where Mint

is located, for customized, corporate events.



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