Onegin: New York City’s Latest Russian Hotspot.

onegin room use

Open : October, 2011

Location: 391 Sixth Avenue

New York NY 10014

Telephone: 212.924.8001





Owner: Alex Shapiro

General Manager: Jacob Ryvkin

Manager: Noelle Birk

Executive Chef: Lovely Sandou

Cuisine: Russian Fusion


Onegin Bar

Onegin - Food Shot (Blinis)

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Onegin has become New York City’s latest hotspot to enjoy fine Russian cuisine. Inspired by famed Russian novelist Alexander Pushkin’s remarkable tale of Eugene Onegin. This Russian eatery invites guests to enjoy a unique dining experience reminiscent of 19th century St. Petersburg at the height of the Russian czar’s. With its lavish menus, elegant décor, and daily events and specials, Onegin maintains a balance between traditional Russian opulence and contemporary New York City charm.

The décor features a Retro-Eclectic concept. So it’s smoked sturgeon accompanied by  crystal-chandelier light. House-infused honey-pepper vodka from a bar made of 200-year-old Ukrainian birch and … well you get the idea.

Walk past 19th-century carriage seats and into the brocade dining room. The drink of choice is vodka. It is available in a glass and accompanied by baby sour pickles or by the bottle, carafe, or cocktail. Besides the copious list, there are assorted flavored options: the horseradish-version is delightful. The wine list is short and fairly priced.

The kitchen also sports New York City’s only operational Russian pechka, a wood-burning furnace, traditionally used to heat a czar’s castle. Tributes to Pushkin, have been etched around the restaurant’s ceiling and walls.  And you will adore the gorgeous portraits on the ceiling.

Order with care, and you can have some good food at Onegin.  Specialties include House Smoked Charcuterie (House-made lamb sausage, house kielbasa, roasted pork loin & rosemary-dijon roast sirloin served with home-made horseradish, mustard and marinated garlic sprouts; Salad “Olivier,” the infamous Russian Potato Salad dressed with dijion aioli; Bite Size Cabbage or Meat Pierogi, Hot from Onega’s signature brick over, these miniature pies are the ultimate Russian comfort food.

onegin Bite-Size Cabbage or Meet Pierogi

Blini with Red Caviar Sour Cream and Chives arrive as light, thin crepes to be filled and rolled around salmon roe, chopped egg and sour cream. Bread is delicious and if you sample but one dish, let it be the best Siberian Pork and Veal Pelmeni imaginable, tossed in melted butter and garnished with sour cream.

Entrees include the fabled Chicken Kiev: Boneless chicken breast pounded and rolled around cold herbed butter, then breaded and fried. Served with mashed potatoes, grilled scallions and sautéed cherry tomatoes and of course, Beef Stroganoff, as well grilled lamb chops and seafood..

For dessert, go with the Halva Parfait and you will be delighted. Don’t miss the terrific tea sampler, served from a pot, in tall glasses with cherry preserves.

Onegin is private-party-friendly and, as a restaurant/cum/club, offers other treats, such as Romantic Karaoke Night,  Every Tuesday at 10:00pm and Burlesque Fridays, Every Friday night starting at 9:00pm. Enjoy your dinner, drinks and beats with resident DJ Lilia Moon. There is Happy Hour Weekdays from 4:00pm to 7:00pm ($5 beer, wine, and house cocktails along with other bar specials).

Onegin - Cocktail (1)


Onegin Bar

onegin Dining Room - Front

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Vina Robles Sets The Right Price Point For California Class-Act Petite Sirah

  The Wine $26 suggested retail, here is a wine that drinks like “over $50” and (with some breathing) is ready to enjoy with meats, game, chicken, cheese and fancy meals, as well as a hearty pasta or meatloaf. The grapes for this vintage were hand picked and sorted for quality in the vineyard. The […]

2 Petite Sirahs For Under $20 That Will Please the Pocket and the Tongue

Pedroncelli 2009 Petite Sirah, SRP: $16

This richly flavored grape, long known for its intense characteristics, has been grown
side by side with Zinfandel in Dry Creek Valley for over 100 years. Petite Sirah has been planted on this vineyard since the early 1900s and used in their Zinfandel production as an important part of the blend. The "Family Vineyard" connection is with Carol Bushnell who is John and Jim Pedroncelli’s niece; her vineyard has been a source of fruit since the 1940s. John blended this wine with half the fruit from estate vineyards and half from the Bushnell vineyard.

Harvested in late September, after a cool growing season, the slow ripening achieved great acidity, a high concentration of aromas and varietal flavors. The fruit was crushed into stainless steel tanks where frequent pumping-over of the juice during fermentation al-lowed the young wine a substantial increase in flavor. The color extracted from the skins turns the wine a very deep purple color. The wine was aged for seventeen months in American and French oak barrels, one third new oak balanced with seasoned barrels.

The result is opaque and deep purple in the glass. This  Petite Sirah offers rich aromas of ripe cherry, white pepper and chocolate. It contains very deep and complex flavors of red plum and warm spice with a lasting finish braced by full tannins. It has the structure to age well over many years. Decant if desired .

Here is the perfect house wine or enjoy it for special occasions..

APPELLATION Dry Creek Valley     ALCOHOL 14.3 
BARREL AGING 17 Months in French and American Oak     pH 3.67


Crusher P.S. 2011, SRP: $18

Crusher Petite Sirah 2011


For more than 115 years, the Sebastiani name has been synonymous with
quality winemaking in Sonoma County. likewise, the Wilson family has been
growing grapes in the Clarksburg region south of Sacramento since 1922.
Created in tribute to the multi-generational partnership these two well-
regarded wine families have enjoyed, The Crusher is fittingly named for the point
where the fruit of one family’s labors literally gives way to those of the other.

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India’s Diwali comes to NYC at Moti Mahal Delux

I   India’s most recognized holiday, Diwali, also known as the “Festival of Lights,” celebrates the victory of good over evil, with lights representing the spirit within, food and sweets, which symbolizes the counteractions of bitterness and renewing of friendships. If you’d like the partake in Diwali’s rich culture, both visually and in taste, we […]

DeBragga Has Japanese Wagyu for Sale

After an almost two and a half year absence from any global market, authentic Japanese Wagyu is once again available for sale here in the United States, through the national fine meat distributor, DeBragga, New York’s Butcher®.  DeBragga deals exclusively in Japanese Wagyu designated A5, the highest possible quality designation for Wagyu in Japan.  DeBragga is selling their Japanese Wagyu to restaurants and hospitality industry businesses through its wholesale business, and to consumers across the country through its online retail store,

The Japanese Wagyu at comes directly from Japan.  This is not "Kobe-style," it is the REAL thing.  Premium Wagyu A-5 is a designation accorded only the highest quality 100% Japanese Kuroge Wagyu, raised in Japan by the experts, then shipped fresh to DeBragga.  DeBragga works with their colleagues in Japan to maintain strict inventory controls to guarantee a top quality, authentic beef product every time. This 100% Wagyu beef comes to DeBragga complete with traceability certificates that begin at inception (certificates on file at DeBragga). This Wagyu beef averages 30 months of age, raised with care, naturally, which produces superior tenderness, richer flavor, and above all, superior marbling.  This is the best beef your money can buy.


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Chez Josephine Is Alive and Well, With Glamour, Music and Great Food

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