Patiala Delivers Punjabi Slow Food Fast!

Patiala Interior 1 
Patiala, a recently opened jewel-box takeout space in Midtown West, which is serving quality home-style Punjabi cuisine.  Don’t let the takeout fool you though—it’s nothing like the average, ordinary takeout selections you’re thinking of.  Instead, at Patiala you’ll get the quality, flavor, and freshness of a fine Indian restaurant packaged in a unique to-go concept.  In fact, you can think of Patiala as serving slow food, fast!

Patiala’s draw is its complete lunch & dinner boxes to go.   Available all day, every day, are freshly prepared whole meals that include a choice of an entrée from seven different categories that suit any diet or craving—vegetarian, vegan, chicken, lamb, tikka, biryani, and vindaloo—each accompanied by a vegetable, choice of daal (lentils in light sauce) or rajma (kidney beans in thick gravy), rice (brown or white basmati), and tandoori bread (naan or roti), all for an extremely wallet-friendly price.  That’s a lot of food! The entrée selections within each category will rotate daily, but you might expect to find dishes like Bindi Sasurwali, offering tender yet crunchy home-style okra, or Mangalorean Chicken in a coconut curry, with curry leaves.  Lamb Vindaloo is a fiery option that packs on the heat with a red chili sauce.  These dishes, as well as others like Shrimp Kadai with onions and bell pepper, can also be ordered a-la-carte to go, all at very reasonable prices.

patilia sign

Out of a small sliver of a takeout restaurant on a busy section of 34th Street and 9th Avenue, comes a notable variety of home-style Punjabi cuisine with an emphasis on freshness, flavor and fast delivery.  Named for a region in Northwest India, Patiala offers slow-cooked, freshly prepared cuisine to go, prepared to maximize the customer’s convenience without cutting corners on quality.  This is Indian food at its most comforting.

Patiala Interior 2

Chef/owner Darshan Kaur Puri has created a comprehensive menu of simple, yet satisfying dishes, all available for takeout, delivery and catering.  Every day, there are several options for fast, inexpensive yet complete lunches and dinners offered in boxes to go. These are freshly prepared meals with a choice of entrée, vegetable, daal (lentils in light sauce) or rajma (kidney beans in a thick gravy), rice (brown or white basmati) and bread (naan or roti), available continuously throughout the day from 11:30 am-9:30 pm, with an average price of just $8. The boxes are offered in seven different categories: vegetarian, vegan, chicken, tikka, biryani, lamb or vindaloo, but the choices don’t stop there. The entrée selections within each category will draw from a changing selection of specials, posted each day, rotating through Patiala’s abundant offerings.  And for only $2 more, customers can add samosas for an appetizer or gulab jamuns (fried milk balls in sugar syrup) for dessert. 

Patiala Chicken Tikka Masala

Guests can also choose anything all day from the à la carte menu and it will be made to order for delivery or pickup.  Vegetarian entrees include daal makhni, creamy black lentils, aloo jeera, potatoes spiced with cumin, and mattar paneer, green peas and tender paneer cheese in a creamy sauce.  Non-vegetarian entrees include chicken, lamb and shrimp selections:  Chicken entrees include murgh tikka, charcoal-grilled, skewered chicken from the Tandoor oven, chicken tikka masala in a creamy tomato sauce, and extra spicy chicken vindaloo in red chili sauce.  Lamb dishes include lamb rogan josh, a curry from Kashmir, lamb bhuna mirchwala, spiced with green chilies, and super hot and spicy lamb vindaloo. Shrimp curry is prepared with onion-tomato sauce and shrimp kadai is sautéed and tossed with onions and bell peppers.

Patilia fish

Patiala Mattar Paneer

No Indian meal is complete without tandoor-fired breads and Patiala has an impressive range of these too—in addition to the classic plain naan, leavened bread that is a perfect accompaniment for sauces you’ll want to soak up, there are also garlic or onion naan, and as well as whole-wheat roti and tandoori paratha, multi-layered bread.  For dessert, there are the classic Indian sweets, gulab jamun (fried milk balls in sugar syrup), kheer (rice pudding), and beverages such as smooth and delightful lassi in plain and mango, and the classic spiced tea, masala chai.

patilia bread

Patiala Tadka Saag

Portion sizes are generous; prices are low and Patiala delivers some of the most authentic Indian food in Manhattan.


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Sample Lunch Boxes To Go

Chickpea curry

Spiced potatoes and cauliflower

Okra the way your mom cooks it

Paneer cheese in a creamy butter sauce

Cubed paneer cheese in a spinach sauce

Skewered lamb rolls

A Kashmiri style lamb curry

Lamb cooked in a spinach gravy

Lamb in a thick gravy with green chilies

Skewered boneless chicken thighs

Skewered chicken in a creamy tomato sauce

Chicken in a creamy nut sauce with fenugreek

Pepper chicken from the house of Chettiyars

Coconut chicken curry with curry leaves

A homestyle preparation with tomatoes, onions and garden herbs

Tangy shrimp tossed with okra


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