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Casimir    &     Co  (1022a Lexington    Avenue,     corner     of     73rd Street,   
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Casimir    &    Co    Uptown   is open    7    Days    a    week    for    lunch   
11am-4pm and     dinner    4pm-Midnight. The     trendy  wine     bar  is also  open    late night and   offers     take     out    and     delivery.   


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With     a     built in     neighborhood    clientele    and    a    recent    spotlight    on    the    73rd Street    block    thanks    to    the    opening    of    Arlington    Club    last    year,   the  team   of     Mario     Carta  and fellow     French    restaurateur    Patrick    Laurent have turned    the     space     formerly     occupied     by Le     Magnifique     on   
Lexington    Avenue into    Casimir    &     Co.

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Similar    to    the    original    conceptin    the    East    Village,the    uptown    location    of Casimir    &    Co    offers     patrons     a     two     story     French     bistro dining     experience     with     a     relaxed,     hip     vibe     and    traditional     menu     offerings.    In     order     to     convey the     authentic     French     experience,     the    duo   
pulled     together     memories     from     their     time     in France,     having     both     grown     up     in    Lorraine, which    contributed    to    the    menu and    décor. As    diners    walk into Casimir     &     Co they    are welcomed     by a    (full     service)    wine     bar     and    an    open     kitchen     with    a     charcuterie     counter.   

Rustic    wood     finishing    and    long    communal    high-top    tables      occupy the    main     floor    with    25    seats,    a    perfect    option    for    family-style    dining.    The    quaint    L-shaped    upstairs    dining    room  seats     55 with     large     windows     overlooking     Lexington     Avenue,     and     their 28-seat     outside    dining     offering    is     not     to    missed,   and   a     perfect     option     for     warm     summer     dinners     and     relaxed    weekend    brunch. Casimir    &    Co  boasts   a    wine and    mixology bar on    the    main    floor    also    serving    wine    à     la    ficelle,     giving     guests     the     option     to     sample     wines     ‘by     the     glass’     list     and     pay     based     on   
consumption     by     the     restaurant’s     standard     measurements.          An     ancient practice     on     the    streets    of    France,    but    something    Casimir    &     Co is    debuting    in    New    York    City- a    smart    and    cost    effective    way    to    taste a variety of wines. The list is well chosen and affordably priced.

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The    kitchen    aims     for dishes    rooted    in simple, yet    heart    warming    French    bistro fare.     The     approachable     menu     consists     of     classic     French     cuisine     with     all     the    trappings     of     an     authentic     bistro.    Menu offerings,     depicted     on     personal     chalkboards,    rotate    daily for    lunch    and    dinner,    including    chef    inspired    specials    as    well.   

For    lunch,    diners    can    begin    with    a    rustic Charcuterie Board ($16     for    choice    of    3,    $6    per    additional    choice)    with     selections     ranging     from delicious Saucisson     Sec to     homemade     duck     rillettes     and    succulent    pâtés. A     steamed    Whole     Artichoke ($8) with    a    meaty     heart is    most     enjoyable   when    dipped    into     the     flavorful    Dijon    and    lemon     thyme     vinaigrette, as    well    as    a     bountiful    Crudité ($16) basket big    enough    for    the    table, blooming    with    market    fresh    vegetables    and    a    light     dill     yogurt     dipping     sauce or     classic     French     anchoïade.     Lunch     entrée     options    include    a    perfectly       crusty    Croque    Monsieur  or    Madame,    and    a    juicy    Le    French    Burger  served    with    frites.    (All sandwiches   are available    with    the    option     of     gluten     free     bread).     Briny and     meaty     Les     Moules     Marinières     are     a    delectable option    served    in    a    classic    and    aromatic    broth    of    shallots,    garlic    and    white    wine,    served    classically    with    pommes    frites    for    lapping    up    the    irresistible    broth.

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While     many     of     the     lunch     items     carry     over     come     nightfall,     other       options     for    dinner    include the     traditional    French     delicacy  Escargots     au     Beurre     d’Ail     Persillé ($11),    imported     Burgundy     snails    swimming in     a     rich     roasted     garlic     butter     and    lightly     sprinkled    with    parsley,    as    well    as    a refreshing    and    delicate    Pacific Salmon    Carpaccio     whose    flavors    are brightened    with    a    drizzle    of    lemon, olive    oil    and     fresh    dill.        A    signature    house    entrée    will    be    L’Entrecote done    the    “Casimir    &    Co    way.” A    grass    fed    New    York    strip    steak    is     grilled     to     your    liking     and    served     on     a     wooden     board    accompanied     by their bold    secret sauce and    homemade    frites.    Other    rotating    dinner entrées  range    from a    flavorful    and    moist    Half Roasted Organic    Chicken    served    with    a    side    of    buttery    homemade mashed     potatoes,     to     a     moist     Whole     Branzino     Roasted     in     Sea     Salt     Crust    with    haricots     vert,     reminiscent     of     outdoor    dinners    in     the     South     of     France.    Diners    will     revel    in  Duck     Leg     Confit    accompanied     by     crispy     oven     roasted     potatoes     and     a     refreshing    frisée    salad,    and    the restaurant’s    guilt     free    indulgence    is     the    uniquely    prepared    signature “fettuccine” dish    made    wholly    from fresh    Hearts    of    Palm  served    with    a    sauce    choice    of    fresh    tomato    basil    or    creamy    carbonara.   

Skipping     dessert     would     be     a     crime.    Sweet    tooth    charmers   include plump Profiteroles,    light     as     air     choux     pastry filled     with     whipped     cream; delicious    Îles Flottantes,     or     floating     island     of     fluffy    meringue    and    vanilla    custard; a    classic Crème    Caramel,    as    well    as a    seasonal selection    of ice    Creams and Sorbets,   and    classic    French    Cheeses.   

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For an instant trip to France, without having to leave the city, Casimir     &     Co is the perfect choice. A real charmer.

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Delmonico’s Kitchen

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Delmonico’s Kitchen The Main Dining Room

207 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018



Mon-Fri lunch:

Mon-Thurs dinner:

Fri & Sat dinner:

Sun dinner:

Private Events & Catering
Carin Sarafian
Sales and Marketing Director
(212) 509-9464
(212) 509-3130 (fax)

Delmonico’s, the country’s first fine dining restaurant, has expanded its premier location at 56 Beaver Street to Midtown Manhattan. But be warned, this is not your father’s Delmonico’s! Prepare to be dazzled with its chic, modern interior and casual vibe. Just steps from Madison Square Garden, Shopping, and Broadway Theater, this contemporary spin-off boasts a sleek marble bar, deep red leather banquettes, and candlelit tables. Perfect for a drink after work or dinner before the big game! The décor is clean and comfortable with well spaced tables. There are shiny wood floors and warm, flattering lighting. Service is attentive, without push and food equals the best steak houses in New York.

Delmonico’s Kitchen brings a globally inspired, seasonal approach to dining, using organic and local ingredients to create savory twists to some of the legendary dishes, such as the Delmonico Steak, Eggs Benedict and Baked Alaska. Separating itself from other traditional steakhouses, the new Delmonico’s Kitchen will surely entice guests to sample its modern take on legendary classics as well as tempt  with numerous new creations.

As the sequel to the Original Delmonico’s, Delmonico’s Kitchen emerges as the new kid on the block in the heart of Midtown for special events and private dining. The banquet rooms, sleek bar, and Main Dining room are just steps from Broadway Theater, Penn Station and Madison Square Garden, making it the ideal location for corporate gatherings or special celebrations.


Delmonico's K Bar

The Comfortable Bar Area

Delmonico's K starter1

Classic Dishes

Delmonico's K Starter2

Perfect starters for the table include a sparkling, fresh Citadel Tower (½ lobster, 2 west coast oysters, 2 east coast oysters, 2 shrimp, crab, tuna tartar) or for a larger party, Delmonico’s Tower (1 lobster, 4 shrimp, 4 west coast oysters, 4 east coast oysters, crab, tuna tartar),  Absolutely delicious.

While the Delmonico Steak, Vintage All Natural Angus Boneless Rib Eye, (below) is nonpareil with its accompanying fried onion rings, there may be an off-the-menu-T-bone or “Butcher’s Pick” that is terrific and the Veal Chop is as good as it gets. For something a bit more traditional, try the Lobster Newburg 1837 sauce a la wenberg and caviar crème (which can also be ordered as a starter).  All sides are standouts, include a crackling round of Hash Browns and an out of the ordinary Creamed Spinach, with the unexpected addition of cheese. An order of Wild Mushroom Risotto was wonderful.

The award winning wine list offers an international selection of some 22 pages,, organized by country and region and fairly priced. There are many by the glass, ranging from $11 to $18. Look to California and Italy for some good values by the bottle.

Delmonico’s may be the only steak house in Manhattan where desserts are mandatory. Favorites include delicious Boston Creme Beignets vanilla custard and hot fudge; Banana Cake Sundae with cinnamon toffee brown butter and pecan ice cream;Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse  with salted caramel and, coconut sherbet
ad an adorable take on Baked Alaska, using miniature Ice Cream Cones.

Managing Partner Dennis Turcinovic oversees service that is prompt, efficient and never overbearing. Delmonico’s Kitchen is discovered, so reserve.

One of New York’s best steak houses. Walman Report Rating: A Major


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Now That’s a Steak

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The Entire Restaurant

Seated 150 Reception 200
Planning a Holiday Party, Broadway Opening or Pre-theater Dinner? Dine in the classic meets contemporary dining room, lounge and Kitchen and experience a modern spin on a legendary tradition


Main Dining Room

Seated 80 Reception 100
Guests will enjoy the buzz and excitement of being in the middle of it all in this semi-private space. Overlook the hustle and bustle of NY’s fashion district! 


Citadel Room

Seated 30 Reception 35
Plan an event for up to 30 in the beautifully designed Citadel Room named after the downtown original. Styled in a classic manner with wood paneling, fabric inserts, and wide screen television, the Citadel is an intimate room perfect for corporate gatherings or special celebrations.

The Kitchen

Seated 40 Reception 40
Parties of up to 40 will enjoy the  lively Kitchen room featuring sumptuous American cuisine in this fun, playful setting.


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