Philippe Chow New York is Our World-class Chinese Restaurant

philippe chow backroom

Philippe Chow New York


Location: 33 East 60th Street

New York City

Telephone: (212) 664-8885



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Steve Boxer, Chief Operating Officer

Cuisine: Classic Chinese Cuisine with an Haute Flair

philippe chow long room

Chef Philippe is also available to cater private parties and/or prepare to-go dinners for any special event, at your home, boat or on the beach.

philippe chow bar1

Capacity: Dining Room (250) | Private Wine Cellar (26)

Hours of Operation: Lunch

Monday through Saturday: 12:00PM – 4:00PM


Monday through Saturday: 6:00PM – 12:00AM



Philippe Chow Interior

Since opening in December 2005, Philippe Chow New York City continues to attract the who’s-who of Hollywood and social set – frequented by such names as Anne Hathaway, Anna Wintour, Beyoncé, Robert De Niro, Oprah, and  Lady Gaga – headed by Executive Chef Philippe Chow.

The Chic modern design meets with a signature color palette of black, white and red in the dining room and bar; for a more intimate setting, the private cellar and two private rooms are an ideal setting for any fête. Plush banquettes and intimate booths lend an air of opulence, as the glow from flickering candles and overhead skylights set the tone for a luxe dining experience.

Service is surprisingly warm,efficient and guiding, and has improved since Steve Boxer entered the scene. The menu offers a selection of main dishes meant to be shared by two people (many of them can be ordered in1/2 portions, but not the superlative Peking duck with its light-as-a-feather handkerchief-pancakes or a whole steamed fish of the day.

Creative noodles and dumplings are a specialty at Philippe. Each night at about 9 p.m. in the restaurant’s dining room, Noodle and Pastry Chef conducts a live demonstration for making hand-pulled noodles. Philippe’s menu features no less than eight variations of either steamed or stir-fried dumplings and Cheng’s specialty, hand-made noodles with pork or veal bean sauce (like a Bolognaise).

A haute flair on classic Chinese cuisine, Chef Philippe has crafted a menu complete with signature-favorites. We enjoyed an assortment of steamed dumplings, including Jade dumplings with shrimp and water chestnuts, crabmeat soup dumplings, sieu mai of pork and black mushrooms and vegetable dumplings. All were paragons of freshness and avoided the all too common NY Chinese trait of gumminess. PORK/SHRIMP FRIED RICE was creatively presented in a tall urn and was another standout, as were terrific sautéed green beans.

Entrees range from nine seasons spicy prawns, drunken sea bass served in white wine, the aforementioned Peking duck, crispy beef that is to die for and a delightful combination of green prawns with cashew nuts, water chestnuts, peppers and black mushrooms. Best of all and obligatory are RED KING CRABS (2.5 – 3lbs)  in garlic/butter sauce. They can be shared by 3 or 4 people and are so good that you will never want lobster again.

Other Signature Dishes include Chicken Satay, skewers prepared in Chef Philippe’s famous cream sauce, crispy Peking Chicken, fresh and juicy Maine Lobster and Spring Rolls. Philippe also offers a multi-course tasting menu at dinner that must be ordered by a minimum of six persons. The best dessert is without doubt the fine house-made sorbets and fresh fruit.

Specialty Drinks are outstanding. This is a real bar so expect such delights as the sweetly-refreshing taste of The Philipptini (Absolut vodka, lychee and fresh squeezed pineapple juice, triple sec, splash of Chambord), a lovely Lychee Martini (Absolut vodka, lychee juice, coconut cream, fresh squeezed lime juice, and Cointreau), the Shanghai Philippe (Stoli Strawberry, Elderflower syrup, muddled fresh strawberries, champagne) and our personal favorite, The MIDNIGHT MOJITO, an intoxicating blend of Stoli Blueberry, fresh mint, muddled fresh blueberries, simple syrup, splash of fresh squeezed lime juice, and a splash of soda. (Purists will love the beautiful classic Martini  and the best Old Fashioned” in town.)

Philippe offers 10 to 12 wines by the glass each night, as well as a good if pricey wine list.

Philippe Chow New York is the perfect night-out-on-the town and rates A MAJOR on The Walman Report.

 Philippe Chow Food1

  (Hosting your own soiree? Chef Philippe is also available to cater private parties and/or prepare to-go dinners for any special event).



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About Chef Philippe: Philippe Chow was born in China in 1958 and went to Hong Kong when he was 16 years old. Philippe spent 5 years learning all the Chinese basic cooking skills and worked in various kitchens in Hong Kong. Philippe came to the United States in 1979 and started working in the kitchen of Mr. Chow (no relation) located in Manhattan, New York in 1980.

Despite the lengthy working hours at Mr. Chow (no relation) for 25 years, Philippe was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and work with some of the best chefs including: Mr. Steven Yim, one of the well recognized ‘Dim Sum’ chefs who had worked for Mr. Chow (no relation) for 20 years and retired in 1995. Mr. Lam Shak Chug who was also the head chef and kitchen manager for Mr. Chow (no relation) for 38 years and retired in 2002. Philippe became one of the prominent chefs in 2002 and contributed great success to Mr. Chow (no relation) as one of the best eateries in Manhattan. Philippe demonstrated his ‘hand pulled’ noodle skills on one of the network cooking shows in 1999 and was well received by the audience. Philippe left Mr. Chow (no relation) restaurant in September, 2005 after 25 years.


Celebrity Clientele: Al Gore

Anna Wintour

Anne Hathaway


Carlos Beltran (New York Mets)

CC Sabathia (New York Yankees)

Darryl Strawberry

David Bowie

Denzel Washington

Dustin Hoffman

Forrest Whitaker

George Clooney

Janet Jackson


Kevin Garnett (Boston Celtics)

Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers)

Lady Gaga

Lamar Odom (LA Lakers)

LeBron James

Magic Johnson

Matt Damon

Mick Jagger

Mike Tyson

Oliver Stone


Patrick Ewing

Paul McCartney


Robert De Niro

Rupert Murdoch

Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs

Star Jones

U.S. President Barack Obama



Dinner Menu ( Prices & Items Subject To Change)

S O U P S & S A L A D S Hot & Sour Soup 10 Won Ton Soup 10 chicken or pork Philippe’s House Salad 12 Spinach Salad 12 sesame/soy vinaigrette plum & lime juice vinaigrette Crunchy Duck Salad 16 Chicken Salad 14 sesame/soy vinaigrette sesame/soy vinaigrette

APPETIZERS Scallion Pancake 12 Crispy Seaweed (Gambei) 15 Peking Duck Spring Rolls (3) 16 Vegetable Spring Rolls (3) 14 Salt & Pepper Calamari 14 Shrimp Toast 16 Wok Fried Mayonnaise Prawns 22 Glazed Spare Ribs 18 Vegetarian Flat Noodle 12 Chicken Flat Noodle 14 Maine Lobster Spring Rolls (2) 29 Shrimp Spring Rolls (3) 22 3

COURSE LUNCH SPECIAL (Mon-Sat 12p-3:30p) 23.95 POWER LUNCH WITH A MARTINI 32.95 SATAYS prepared on a skewer with Chef Chow’s famous peanut sauce Chicken (3) 18 Shrimp (3) 32 Beef (3) 19 LETTUCE WRAPS Chicken 18 Shrimp 22 Beef 19 Vegetarian 16 NOODLES & DUMPLINGS By Chef Wei Ming Cheng MR. Cheng’s Noodles 16 Pork Soup Dumplings (6) 12 hand-pulled noodles in pork or veal bean sauce Vegetable Dumplings (6) 12 Chicken Sieu MaiI (6) 12 assorted Chinese vegetables & mushrooms chicken & black mushrooms Sieu Mai (6) 12 Jade Dumplings (6) 18 pork & black mushrooms shrimp & bamboo shoots Wok Fried Pork or Beef Dumplings (6) 12 Steamed Chicken Dumplings (6) 12

CHEF CHOW IS PERSONALLY AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE EVENTS * PRIVATE ROOMS AVAILABLE FROM 20 TO 350 PERSONS * STEAMED OPTIONS Dumpling Sampler 15 Steamed Whole Fish of the Day MP (2) chicken sieu mai, (2) jade, (2) vegetable light sweet soy w/scallion & ginger Chicken & Broccoli 22 Live Maine Lobster MP brown rice fresh ginger, scallions & cracked pepper American Black Bass 30 Seasonal Veggie Platter 15 one side garlic & one side black bean with or without tofu PEKING STYLE specially prepared by Chef Chow w/house made pancakes please allow 45 minutes for preparation 7 Lbs Peking Duck 75 4 Lbs Peking Chicken 55 All Entrees Served Family Style; Half Portions Available Green Prawns 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) Pink Prawns 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) cashew nuts, water chestnuts, peppers ginger w/sweet & sour sauce & black mushrooms Black Prawn 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) White Prawns 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) black bean sauce egg white sauce Nine Seasons Spicy Prawns 2(for 1) / 64(for 2) King Prawns Jo Lau 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) spicy sweet & sour sauce garlic sauce Special Prawns 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) Prawns & Broccoli 32(for 2) / 64(for 2) sweet & sour sauce white sauce Three Within 28(for 1) / 56(for 2) American Black Bass 30(for 1) / 60(for 2) shrimp, chicken & scallops in white sauce one side black bean & one side garlic Crispy Alaskan Halibut 29(for 1) / 58(for 2) Drunken Sea Bass 30(for 1) / 60(for 2) sweet & sour sauce white wine sauce Whole Fish of the Day MP(for 2) Crispy Alaskan Salmon 29(for 1) / 58(for 2) light sweet soy w/scallion & ginger sweet & sour sauce Salt & Pepper Lobster MP(for 2) Red King Crabs 47(for 1) / 95(for 2) (5- 5 ½lbs) (2 – 2 ½ lbs) Maine Lobster (5 – 5 ½lbs of lobster) MP(for 2) Philippe’s Surf & Turf 135(for 2) ginger, scallions & cracked black pepper house mignon, South African lobster tails (2) Salt & Pepper Sea Bass 30(for 1) / 60(for 2) POULTRY Beijing Chicken 22(for 1) / 44(for 2) Velvet Chicken 22(for 1) / 44(for 2) walnuts in sweet brown sauce chopped vegetables in spicy sauce Chicken Jo Lau 22(for 1) / 44(for 2) Kung Pao 22(for 1) / 44(for 2) garlic sauce spicy brown sauce Chicken & Broccoli 22(for 1) / 44(for 2) Sweet & Sour Chicken 22(for ) / 44(for 2) white sauce red sauce Crispy Duck 30(for 1) /60(for 2) house made pancakes MEAT Filet Mignon w/broccoli 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) Crispy Beef 28(for 1) / 56(for 2) Filet Mignon w/oyster sauce 32(for 1) / 64(for 2) Sweet & Sour Pork 28(for ) / 56(for 2) House Mignon w/brown garlic sauce 37(for 1) / 75(for 2) RICE & VEGETABLES Pork or Shrimp Fried Rice 12 Chicken Fried Rice 10 Brown Rice 8 Vegetable Fried Rice 9 Mixed Vegetables 11 String Beans 10 Lobster Fried Rice 23 Broccoli 10 Bok Choy 10 above entrees served with white rice; 20% gratuity added for parties of 6 or more

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