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Rating: A MAJOR

This historically based American chophouse set in midcentury New York. It takes great inspiration from history. Both the time the Seagram Building was built and the restaurants that existed at that time. It is the precursor to the NY Steakhouse, when things were still intricate and elegant.

Always a favorite, The Grill-Room (previous name) had lost some of its luster before this stunning renovation. Now with a world class management team and chef, its is again a Manhattan MUST. Brilliantly created by Mario Carbone, Jeff Zalaznick and Rich Torrisi.

Celebrating  the land, sea, extensive table side preparation and an extensive devotion to grilling. here is a restaurant that pays homage to one’s fantasy of the New York of bygone days and the here and now. Not to be missed.

For the menu and official website, click here.

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This Act Played The Palace: Kobe Frank Makes a Comeback



Frank Valenza image
Tortasia Delicacies

By Nancy Walman

Frank brought samples from West Side Market–110th and Broadway, of his Kobe Frank Deli line. They were hot and of course delicious. Even better (see below) were thick sliced wonders that rivaled fine prosciutto (we loved them on buttered Matzo). The Kobe hot dogs, less than 5 minutes to boil or sauté as we did. Absolutely the best. Wonderful with cabbage, white wine, boiled potatoes, a bit of onion and smoked bacon. Add the dog at the end and serve with Dijon mustard. 

Tribecca Grill is now carrying Frank’s Kobe Pastrami on their lunch menu. It elevates deli food. Kobe Pastrami at $17, an elegant version of the pastrami sandwich.

Clients now include:

  • Zabars
  • Fairway Market, LI
  • Gourmet Garage, Lincoln Center
  • Graces Market, LI (NY soon)
  • West Side Market
  • Agata and Valentina
  • Tribeca Grill
  • Kings
  • Iavarone Bros.
  • Others to come.

Selling various hot and cold Kobe Roast Beef, Kobe Corned Beef, BBQ Briskets, Pastrami, etc.

The basics:

  • 6-1lb hot dogs
  • 10/1lb
  • 10lb case
  • $5.25/lb

In October, Frank introduced the only American Kobe Hot Dog in America, skin on, with an East Coast taste profile.

Super Prime Kobe  Brisket

Wagyu brisket is fully worth the extra shekels you pay, because the heightened marbling guarantees that you’ll get a juicier, richer, finished product. But does the fat hold up after 5 hours of cooking? Amazingly, the fat stays right where it is—inside the meat.

The BBQ sandwiches I made from our Kobe Brisket brought tears to the eyes of all who tasted them. I can’t think of a more lush, more emotional food than this!

Kobe-Frank Briskets weigh between 9 and 11lbs and show extreme marbling when raw. Most cooked briskets are quite juicy in the fattier "second cut," but the amazing thing about this baby is that the leaner "first cut" was also running with the fat and juice. There are great areas all over this beast. In fact—after 5 hours of braising—we had tender, shredding meat everywhere.

Kobe Frank

We first tried Frank’s "Kobe Deli Line" prepared by the good people at West Side Market at 110th and Bway. It was from a Steam Table. It was good but for a real treat,  go to Graces at 71st and 3rd, The Kobe Frank Pastrami and Kobe Corned Beef are sold as is. Japanese Kobe Brisket, prepared as pastrami is heaven.

The stores set their own price, anywhere from $12.95 to $14.95/lb.

A Bit of History

“The persona of The Palace is now over,” says Frank. I’m creating a new one:  "Kobe Frank from the Bronx," going full circle to my original roots. My velvet suit at the Palace, I couldn’t even get over a shoulder or stick a leg in the pants! Such is life. 🙂 “

"Kobe Frank from the Bx"
Frank Valenza
Tortasia Delicacies

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