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The Back family’s history of winemaking in South Africa dates back to 1916 when they purchased their first farm. Today, Backsberg Estate comprises 110 ha of vineyards located along the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains, midway between Paarl and Stellenbosch, not far from Cape Town. The region is blessed with a perfect climate full of sunny days in summer and cold wet days in winter. In addition to their traditional range, Backsberg also produce Kosher wines. Backsberg has become the first producer in South Africa and one of only three in the world to gain Carbon Neutral status by sequestrating its carbon emission. With an in-house environmentalist, the Back family is committed to preserving the environment through tree planting, conversion to bio fuel, setting aside land for the development of additional biomass and lighter weight bottles. “Care for the environment means care and concern for succeeding generations. As custodians of the land, it is our duty to understand and recognize potential threats, and to mitigate against them for the benefit of the next generation.” — MICHAEL BACK, PROPRIETOR OF BACKSBERG

Backsberg Estate Cellars Chardonnay 2010. SRP: $14.

kosher chard


Summary: Crisp, clean, with good acid and fruit. Lovely with roast chicken, broiled fish, smoked salmon.

The wine is fermented in stainless steel tank. It is Muvushal and kosher for Passover. Made under the auspices of the Cape Town Beth Din and the OU of the United States.

Blend: Chardonnay: 100%

Wine On Line Rating: A Major


Backsberg Estate Cellars Kosher Merlot: SRP: $14

kosher merlot


Winemaker Guillaume Nell produces this kosher merlot under the auspices of the Cape Town Beth Din and the OU of the United States

Aromas of raspberries and plum with fine tannins. Terrific companion to lamb, beef and root vegetables.


From Frederick Wildman and Sons Ltd.

Wine On Line Rating: A Major



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Three guys, a rabbi and a taco truck meet on the street. Sounds like the start of a joke, but it’s actually a new wave in culinary fusion, fondly known as TAKOSHER. TAKOSHER is the nation’s first certified glatt kosher taco truck, and it’s about to hit the streets of Los Angeles, putting the lifelong dream of Lowell Bernstein into high gear.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Bernstein always had a great appreciation for Latino culture, but it was not something in which he could regularly partake gastronomically, since his kosher regimen meant his food restrictions outside of the home were rather limiting. “When I lived in Mexico City from 1994 to 1998, that cultural experience solidified my fascination with tacos,” he explains. This passion has carried through to the present, when the planets—or rather, the tortillas—finally aligned so that Bernstein could open TAKOSHER to share this passion with the public.

Bernstein enters into this culinary road show as one of three caballeros, teaming with longtime amigos Chris Martin and Moises Baqueiro. Over the years, their friendship has produced a number of unique catering events that integrate food, music, and multi-cultural appreciation.

TAKOSHER is considered “The Chosen Taco” for several reasons. First and foremost, being certified as glatt kosher requires that both the contents and preparation of the tacos are kept at the highest level of quality: natural, preservative-free ingredients are cooked, assembled and served in a highly sanitary, strictly supervised environment. TAKOSHER also stands out as “The Chosen Taco” in the colloquial sense: the entire mindset of being “kosher” or “proper, genuine and ethical” applies to the way TAKOSHER handles the treatment of its employees, the disposal of waste, and its manner of doing business in general. “TAKOSHER is a catalyst for celebrating diversity and simply eating great food with one another,” says Bernstein. “All this thoughtful set-up in creating ‘The Chosen Taco’ is for naught if the overall experience itself isn’t ‘kosher’ in every sense of the word.”

TAKOSHER’s debut menu consists of: