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2010 Mirassou California Sauvignon Blanc

Balancing intense fruit flavors with delicate aromas, Mirassou wines embody the optimism and pioneering spirit passed down through six generations of the Mirassou family. Featuring a bright, uniquely approachable style, these wines honor the Mirassou family’s heritage while appealing to a new generation of wine enthusiasts.

The Region
Our 2010 Mirassou California Sauvignon Blanc is made with carefully selected California fruit from several regions. The California appellation allowed the winemaker to choose the best fruit from each region, which acts as the foundation of this fruit forward style of Sauvignon Blanc.

The Harvest
California winemakers are enthusiastic about the quality of the grapes from the 2010 harvest.  The California harvest was challenging due to the wet spring followed by a late start and long, cool growing season ending with a summer heat spike.  The summer heat spike allowed grapes to reach maturity, and although yields were lower than normal, the resulting grapes display remarkable quality.

Winemaking Notes  
This wine includes 98% Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 2% other whites including Semillon, Riesling & Chardonnay.
The grapes in our 2010 Sauvignon Blanc were harvested from September to October at a brix level between 23-24. At the winery, the grapes were whole cluster pressed to minimize harsh phenolics. The must was first fermented in upright stainless steel tanks at temperatures between 55-62°F for 14-21 days before fermentation was complete.   After fermentation, the wine was fined and filtered and spent two months in bottle prior to release.
Wine Description

Displaying a soft mouthfeel and crisp flavors of tropical fruit and melon balanced with hints of grapefruit and pear, our Mirassou California Sauvignon Blanc is a bright expression of California’s most celebrated growing regions.

Finished Wine

Appellation: California

Alcohol Content: 13.39%

Titratable Acidity: 0.56 g/100mL  
pH: 3.29

Residual Sugar: 0.4 g/100mL

This versatile wine pairs beautifully with spicy dishes as well as grilled poultry or seafood, as well a chicken and creamy cheeses.

Finished Wine
Appellation: California
Label Alcohol Content: 13.1%
Titratable Acidity: 0. 56 g/100mL
pH: 3.31
Residual Sugar: 0.6 g/100mL
SRP: $12.00

Just a lovely example and so food friendly. Great with seafood, light cheese or quaffing.



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