The Grill

THe Grill New York


Rating: A MAJOR

This historically based American chophouse set in midcentury New York. It takes great inspiration from history. Both the time the Seagram Building was built and the restaurants that existed at that time. It is the precursor to the NY Steakhouse, when things were still intricate and elegant.

Always a favorite, The Grill-Room (previous name) had lost some of its luster before this stunning renovation. Now with a world class management team and chef, its is again a Manhattan MUST. Brilliantly created by Mario Carbone, Jeff Zalaznick and Rich Torrisi.

Celebrating  the land, sea, extensive table side preparation and an extensive devotion to grilling. here is a restaurant that pays homage to one’s fantasy of the New York of bygone days and the here and now. Not to be missed.

For the menu and official website, click here.

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