Dry Creek Vineyard Signature Wines 2010 Heritage Zinfandel

This wine was first released in 1997 as Heritage Clone Zinfandel. Using old vine
budwood grafted into a new vineyard, the Heritage bottling represents the best of
a young vine Zin with distinctive old vine characters.
The 2010 vintage may go down as one of the more difficult, challenging vintages of
the last decade. With varied growing conditions, it was incredibly important to stay
on top of the vineyard ensuring that the canopy was well managed. Late spring rains,
a cool summer and then several heat spikes before and during harvest added to the
challenge. However, our winemaking and vineyard team really came through, keeping a cool head and bringing in fruit that achieved full ripeness, flavor and balance.

The 2010 vintage of Heritage Zinfandel presents an excellent cool vintage aroma
profile of blueberry, red currants, earthy dustiness and mineral nuances. The low
alcohol nature of this wine shines through immediately with silky smooth tannins and
a firm grip of natural acidity and balance. The fruit is substantial with layers of black
cherry, mixed berries, currants and allspice. This Zinfandel is superbly balanced and
satisfying, repeating the earthy, mixed berry theme while also carrying forward subtler
hints of white and black pepper. The finish lingers on creating a mouth-watering
desire for another sip.

More Like a Bordeaux than a Rhone, here is a lovely dinner wine to enjoy with game, beef, pork and pasta.

SRP: $19

RELEASE DATE December 2012
BLEND 88% Zinfandel, 12% Petite Sirah
HARVEST DATES September-October 2010
BRIX Average 24.8
Average 18 days in stainless steel fermenters; pumped over
twice daily during fermentation.
PH 3.75
TA 0.6g/100mL
14 months in French, American, and Hungarian oak;
15% new oak
Varies with a combination of gravelly loam and clay loam
on rolling hills to steep hillsides.
VINE AGE Average vine age is 30 years
YIELDS Averages 3 to 6 tons per acre


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Dry Creek Vineyard Signature Wines Old Vines Zinfandel

A terrific red with a real Bordeaux character. Lovely fruit and balance.

First coined by winery founder David Stare in 1986, the term “Old Vine” has special
meaning to our family.  We define an old vine vineyard as being more than 50 years in
age. In the case of our Old Vine Zinfandel, the vines for this bottling are an average of 90
years of age and in some cases, more than 110 years old! Old Vine vineyards remain the
most prized and historic of all plantings in the Dry Creek Valley.
2009 was almost a perfect growing season, with the only blip a minor shortage of
water from light winter rains. Growing conditions were ideal with bud break and
bloom happening normally. Summer temperatures were moderate with minimal
heat spikes. Harvest conditions were superb and by the time the rains came in early
October most of our fruit was already harvested.
At first swirl, this prized wine presents a special aromatic profile that is distinctive and
nuanced. From the beginning, one realizes that this wine is going to be a cherished
experience. Layers of briary blackberry, raspberry, exotic spice and black and white
pepper come forward. On the palate, the wine is precise and expressive, building
layers of flavor with elements of bittersweet chocolate and roasted coffee. Several
more minutes reveal a bright earthy quality that is truly unique. This beautiful wine
is a seamless experience from start to finish. 
89 Points
Wine Spectator Magazine
2008 Vintage
Wine Enthusiast Magazine
89 Points – BEST BUY
Wine & Spirits Magazine
BLEND 86% Zinfandel, 14% Petite Sirah
APPELLATION Dry Creek Valley
HARVEST DATES September 28-29, 2009
BRIX Average 26.3
FERMENTATION  Average of 20 days, pumped over twice daily.
BARREL AGING 18 months in French, American and Hungarian oak
PH 3.79
TA 0.56g/100mL
Hillside vineyards, mixed gravelly soil. Decomposed granite
in certain areas
VINE AGE Average age is 90 years
YIELDS Less than 2 tons per acre
Scan here for more information:
DRY CREEK VINEYARD     3770 LAMBERT BRIDGE RD     HEALDSBURG, CA 95448     707.433.1000     FX 707.433.5329     DRY


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Robert Biale Vineyards Sets The Standard For California Zinfandels

The Most Significant Planting of Zinfandel in Our Modern Era.

Napa Vineyard Preservationists Take Zinfandel to “the Next Stage”

Back to the Future.

According to Dave Pramuk, Robert Biale’s co-founder and marketing strategist, “Robert Biale Vineyards is delighted with this project – the most significant planting of Zinfandel in Napa Valley in our modern era. In the pioneering days of California viticulture, Zinfandel was the grape of choice across the state. In Napa Valley, Zinfandel once comprised over 25 percent of the vineyards in the county. Since the Robert Mondavi era and Napa’s marketing switch to French wine grapes in the 1970s, it’s dwindled to a scant two percent of the valley’s vineyards.”

In the story that follows our review, you’ll learn the important facts of this most significant planting:

  • Why Biale approached Jan Krupp, Stagecoach Vineyards’ managing partner, about a new and exciting project overlooking the Oakville District of Napa Valley, and just south of prestigious Pritchard Hill.

  • “Renegade” Zinfandel planted unabashedly among Napa Valley Cabs, priced into the high hundreds of dollars per bottle, has no such pedigree, a cultish following, and is making history.

  • History of the Zinfandel grape on which you may not have yet had a focus, including its Croatian beginnings.

  • Stagecoach is a re-creation of a Zinfandel from the pioneer era. Learn its classic vine selection.

  • A huge calculating gamble pays off, with two important factors.

  • Viticultural terroir, above Napa Valley versus Sonoma.

  • What the 2002 and 2004 harvests delivered.

  • By 2007, potential was becoming reality.

  • New winemaker Steve Hall, takes on the 2008 harvest and gets into a selective picking regime that spells more success.

  • And 2009 delivers an uncommon Zinfandel that combines finesse, power, and identity in the same package. For Biale, the ideal wine is the ultimate expression of where it’s from.

We had be impressed with the 2009 Royal Punishers Napa Valley Petite Sirah, which is an outstanding example of what a great winemaker can do with this often misunderstood grape, which managed to keep its intensity, while exuding a definitive Rhone structure. So we were exited to taste a vertical selection of Stagecoach Zinfandel: 07, 08, 09 vintages so that we could get a fairly complete picture of the progress of the vineyard, how it has performed in different  seasons, and ageing characteristics.

Working from youngest to oldest vintage, we were impressed with the remarkable aging potential. While the 2009 was fruity and balanced, it only hinted at what it might evolve into. The 2007 was mature, yet fresh and inviting. A surprising elegance and finesse combined with a generous nose and glorious, lingering finish. The 2008 was a tad closed, but after several hours opened up to display flavors of cherry, black current  and hidden mint.

Food friendly, theses wines are the stuff that California admirers can flaunt with pride. Lovely with steaks, roasts, game, assertive cheeses and grilled salmon.

Inquire at the vineyard for pricing and availability. If you are fortunate enough to fine one on a restaurant wine list, grab it!

Mountain-raised, and making the torturous struggle to slowly ripen grapes, the vines at Stagecoach are producing Zinfandels that would make the Zinfandel forefathers proud, and delight the avid fans of this legacy to America’s viticultural origins.

For more information on Robert Biale, visit www.robertbialevineyards.com.

Robert Biale Vineyards Stagecoach Vineyard The Biale Block Zinfandel, Napa Valley, USA

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