RODNEY STRONG Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc Proves California Can Make Great Wines For Under $20

Estate Sauvignon Blanc

RODNEY STRONG northern Sonoma Place Matters. SONOMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA 2013 SAUVIGNON BLANC ESTATE VINEYARDS WWW.RODNEY STRONG.COM © 2014 Rodney Strong Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA #RS4000071

THE STORY At Rodney Strong Vineyards is that they focus on modern artisan winemaking, exclusively from Sonoma County, California. Our family-owned winery is committed to quality wines and to protecting  resources for the future. They practice sustainable and Fish Friendly Farming and  are Sonoma County’s first carbon neutral winery. HISTORY Rod Strong established their heritage Sauvignon Blanc vineyard in 1971, naming it Charlotte’s Home in honor of his wife.

Today that vineyard remains the core of Charlotte’s Home Sauvignon Blanc, along with other select estate vineyards in the Alexander Valley as well as the Russian River Valley. THE VINEYARDS 2013 was the kind of growing season that most would wish they could have every year: a dry, frost-free spring, a warm summer without heat spikes, and a warm rain free autumn that allows for picking all varieties in their turn when they are perfectly mature.

This Sauvignon Blanc was harvested from vineyards in Russian River Valley and Alexander Valley between August 21st and September 17th. TASTING NOTES Light, crisp, and highly aromatic, the warmer climate Alexander Valley fruit gives this wine ripe peach, tangerine, and pineapple character, while the ocean cooled Russian River Valley fruit offers citrus, lemon grass, and slightly herbaceous qualities. Together, the two valleys make a classic Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc that is fresh, lively, and will drink beautifully over the next 1 to 2 years. Delicious to quaff, it supports seafood, chicken, creamy cheeses and nuts to perfection.


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Gustafson Family Vineyards 2009 Estate Petite Sirah

2009 Estate Petite Sirah

2009 Estate Petite SirahHarvest: October 12, 2009
Vineyard Block: East Ridge Block
Blend: 100% Petite Sirah
Aging:18 Months French and American Oak, 40% New
Alcohol: 14.38%
Total Production: 450 cases
Release Date: Fall 2011


Vineyard and Vintage Notes:
The 2009 vintage marked the beginning of a new challenge for the vineyard. A cold and wet spring delayed the onset of bud break in many of our vineyards, and these conditions necessitated a later than normal harvest for our Petite Sirah. The extended hang time brought us precariously close to winter rains, but allowed for full development of flavors and an opportunity to harvest at optimum physical maturity.

Winemaking Notes:
Petite Sirah grapes create a dreamy opportunity for winemakers, with steady, low heat fermentations that always seem to finish easily and at moderate alcohols. This wine was no exception, a near perfect fermentation created a clean expression of fruit and tannin. These pure flavors allowed us to experiment with different levels of toasting in the barrel ageing process; by utilizing a slightly higher amount of heavy toasted oak, the tannins were rounded and softened to create a unique expression of our vineyard.

Tasting Notes:
Rich, deep purple in the glass, with aromas of lavender and dark fruit balanced by meaty, earthy undertones. This wine bucks the stereotype of Petite Sirah being all finish and no flavor, and really begins to shine after an hour of decanting, revealing luscious aromas of fruit, cocoa, tobacco and a hint of molasses. The finish is strong but not abrupt, giving you the desired “oomph” of a Petite Sirah without being dry or abrasive. A truly delicious wine that will only get better with time.

The perfect dinner wine. We loved this elegant, food friendly P.S. with roasts, pasta, cheese and just about anything. A real surprise.

SRP: $32


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