Germany In New York, Paulaner Offer Great Food, Great Beer and More Fun Than . . . .

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Paulaner is located at 265 Bowery just south of Houston Street in Manhattan (easily accessible by subway, F 6 B M D trains 2 blocks away; N R in Soho),,212-780-0300, and is open Sun-Wed 11 am-midnight; Thurs-Sat 11-1 am. The space (including a private downstairs party room that accommodates 65 people) is available for private parties, beer classes, brewery tours, corporate team building and other corporate meetings. For more information on special events, please contact Maria Cocchiara-Klein at 212-780-0300.

With Edi & the Wolf, Wolfgang Ban helped reinvent the experience of a Heuriger, a rustic wine-tavern serving straightforward, simple cuisine. With Paulaner, Ban (also of Michelin-starred Seäsonal) takes reinvention a step further, situating his latest contemporary Bavarian restaurant directly inside an active microbrewery.

Paulaner is a modern take on the traditional beer hall with great food. It’s a hip and lively meeting place where large groups of friends can settle in at long communal tables, where reclaimed wood provides a warm contrast to the industrial chic of imposing copper and steel fermentation tanks; a place where everything from the beer to the bread, the sausage to theschnitzel, the pretzels to the stollen, is made in-house with locally sourced ingredients. Downstairs, there’s a private room for more exclusive or intimate parties.

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At the center of the action, Master Brewer Andreas Heidenreich creates his own versions of the traditional Paulaner-style beers with recipes of his own invention, while following the Purity Law of 1516; he uses only four ingredients—water, wheat, hops and yeast. No spices, fruits or other enhancements are used to create Hefeweizen, lightly hoppy with subtle bitterness balanced with fruity character, Munich Lager, a classic bright amber beer, and Munich Dark, rich dark amber with a malty flavor.  Heidenreich has also createdMunich Pale Ale exclusively for New York City, a top-fermented IPA-style beer with three varieties of hops, including Amarillo from Washington State, and a changing roster ofseasonal beers.  This season it’s the Winter Bock, a strong dark beer with smoky, roasted aromas and malty caramel flavor. There is no fresher beer than the unfiltered, unpasteurized “Tank to Table” brew, which is also available for takeaway in growlers and mini-kegs.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Executive Chef Daniel Kill creates simple, yet sophisticated fare that tastes even better when matched with Paulaner’s beers and wines. Both his background and his training contribute to his culinary style.  A native of Bavaria who grew up on beer and brats, he rose to the top of his profession at Munich’s Michelin-starredTantris and as Executive Chef of Wallsé, Café Kristall, Café Sabarsky and Blaue Gans. The food is outstanding.

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A great, traditional starter that will be new to many is Obazda, a blend of creamy Camembert, butter, beer and spicy red pepper served with a freshly baked pretzel, still warm from the oven. (the pretzel warrants a trip to the restaurant on it own)  Try it with a Hefeweizen, the most popular Paulaner beer. Then, move on to Chef Daniel’s authentic house-made sausages: Weisswürste, delicate tasting veal and pork sausage; snappy Bratwurst (our favorite), a blend of pork and beef; lightly gamey Lamb Sausages; and the Paulaner, a smoky, dry-aged beef sausage made with beer and local cheddar cheese. Or order the Sausage Sampler (ideal for two or more) along with a flight of beers and discover your favorite combination. The Wiener Schnitzel here is an iconic expression of the classic: pounded slices of tender veal, breaded and fried until golden brown and perfectly crisp balanced with sweet-tart lingonberries. The irresistibly crisp-skinned, juicy Pork Knuckle with roasted potatoes is amazing and the Whole Roasted Duck with pretzel dumplings are sized for sharing.


pauloner longg There’s no more convincing reason to save room for dessert than the qualities associated with freshly baked goods (warm, fresh, aromatic). Selections include a perfect Sachertorte, chocolate cake with whipped cream, Warm Pear Strudel with caramel brittle ice cream, hot Apple Fritters with vanilla ice cream and Sweet Buns with apricot jam and vanilla sauce.

Weekend brunch is another special experience—a Bavarian spin on conventional New York brunch. It’s hard to choose between savory options such as crispy and tender PorkSchnitzel or Rösti, a crispy potato pancake paired with house-cured salmon and crème fraîche. Sweet selections include Kaiserschmarrn, a fluffy pancake meets bread pudding with raisins and fruit compote. Every table is also treated to a complimentary basket of freshly baked breakfast breads, including croissants, muffins and brioche served with jam and butter, as well as a choice of a free brunch cocktail—Mimosa, Bloody Mary or your choice of beer.

Beyond just beer, Paulaner is also distinguished by its excellent wine list—featuring German, Austrian and local wines by the glass and by the bottle including a selection of Rieslings, and a variety of reds like Blaufränkisch Reserve Moric Burgenland. The cocktail menu incorporates beers, local craft bourbons and whiskies (also available in tasting flights), wine and other spirits. One favorite cocktail is the RyeZirBaska, rye, stone fruit liqueur, snaps and bitters. An aged, dark beer snaps, produced in collaboration with a Westchester, New York-based spirits maker, is currently under development.

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For the holiday season, Paulaner has set up a retail bakery near the entrance, featuring house-baked goodies, including hearty Rye Bread. Sweets include melt-in-your-mouth sugar-dusted crescent-shaped butter cookies called Vanillekipferl, fudgy Rum Balls and jam-filled almond flour cookies. There’s also Christmas Stollen, the delicious fruitcake studded with dried fruit and nuts and topped with a light coating of icing.

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2011 vintage in the Rheingau Produced Excellent Quality Wines at Affordable Prices. Seek Out Schmitt Sohne USA

imageThe Riesling grape has always been a personal favorite in the white wine category and while we adore its virtues, form Alsace to Australia, none can compare to the best wines from Germany in complexity, elegance and addiction.

German wine labels may not be the most the world’s most user friendly, but have gotten easier to interpret over the years and follows is extensive documentation of recent vintages. We sampled: DOM Riesling QbA dry; DOM Riesling QbA; DOM Riesling Kabinett; DOM Riesling Spätlese.

These wines are a newly introduced line imported by Schmitt Sohne USA and produced by the Bischöfliche Weingüter Trier.  The details on the wines (statistical analysis, retail pricing, etc.) are found on the 2011 Vintage report below.

Wines from this vintage are dominated by ripe fruit flavors and well-integrated acidity. They exhibit beautiful open fruit aromas and very typical Riesling characteristics”
DOM Riesling QbA Dry – DOM wines impress with their typical aromatic Riesling character. This dry DOM is for all enthusiasts of spicy, herbal, and fruity Riesling.
RS – 8.7 g/l Acidity – 6.8 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 12.2 % SRP: $16.99

DOM Riesling QbA Off-Dry – This off-dry DOM Riesling works with almost every dish—an all-rounder. RS – 19.5 g/l Acidity 6.9 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 11.6 % SRP: $16.99
DOM Riesling QbA (fruity) – This fruity DOM Riesling entices with ripe and opulent fruit aromas as well as fine minerally acidity. RS – 36.7 g/l Acidity – 7.3 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 10,5% SRP: $16.99

DOM Riesling Kabinett – This fruity DOM Riesling Kabinett entices with aromas reminiscent of linden blossom, ripe apple, and exhibits a lively balance of sweetness and acidity. RS – 48.8g/l Acidity – 7.5 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 9.3% SRP: $18.99

DOM Riesling Spätlese – This fruity DOM Riesling Spätlese entices with its typical ripe Mosel opulence and fine minerally acidity. RS – 58.9 g/l Acidity – 6.9 g/l Alc. By Vol. – 9.4% SRP: $22.99

We enjoyed these four examples of the 2011 vintage and admired the ranges, quality and pricing. We personally go for the sweeter offerings, but all were terrific and highly recommended.


Wine On Line Rating: A Major.

2011 Vintage Reports
Information provided by Estates imported by Schmitt Sohne USA

Reporting for the Rheingau region — The 2011 vintage in the Rheingau was marked by climatic records and extremes which will long be remembered. Early winter was cold and snowy, with long periods of frost and temperatures below -15⁰ C (5⁰ F). January and February, however were remarkably mild followed by early Spring-like conditions in March and summer weather through April. This milder weather advanced growth and resulted in a record-breaking early budding in April. Luck held out for the Rheingau growers as late frosts in the otherwise unusually warm May did not cause the significant damage noted in other regions. Most noteworthy was the fact that this was the driest spring since 1893 and the excess sunlight (+250 hours) encouraged an early blossoming beginning on May 26!


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