PAUL CHENEAU Offers Joy In A Bottle At Affordable Prices



Giró Ribot is Spain’s preeminent family owned and operated producer of Cava. The Giró Ribot portfolio encompasses two distinct brands; Cava Paul Cheneau and Cava Masia Parera.

Giró Ribot is situated at the heart of the Appellation d’Origine Penedès. This beautiful area of Catalonnia, halfway between the cities of Barcelona and Tarragona, is bordered to the south by the Mediterranean Sea and to the north by the spectacular and remarkable solid mass of Montserrat.

Paul Cheneau Reserva Brut Blanc de Blancs


Elegant and affordable. Rivals true non-vintage Champagnes in food compatibility.

Giró Ribot is Spain’s preeminent family owned and operated producer of Cava. The ancestors of the Giro Ribot family, a noble lineage, are closely tied to the Penedès region by bonds which go back over several generations of wine, Cava and spirit producers. The symphonic nature of this
union has been key to the development of Paul Cheneau. The Paul Cheneau line can be best described as elegant Spanish sparkling Cavas with
French influence of styling. Paul Cheneau is classically traditional in their methods of production as well as in the grape varieties used.
The winery owns 100 hectares of vineyards of the indigenous Macabeo, Xarello and Parellada grapes, with which Cavas are produced.
The harvest is hand picked in September/October. Wines destined for Cava will form part of the tirage mixture consisting of selected
yeasts and sugar which, once in the bottle will generate second fermentation in strict accordance with the Traditional Method. The first
fermentation is very slow and at low temperature in order to assist the generation of secondary aromas. It is only after a lengthy ageing period that the disgorgement of Paul Cheneau will take place releasing its aromas and bouquet to full satisfaction. Aged in bottle
for 2 years.
Straw-colored with greenish tints, and with a steady effervescence and a formation of small bubbles which generate a gentle crown.
Subtle and delicate, floral, with light toasty notes and recall of dry fruits. Touch of dried herbs. It is appetizing, fruity, well structured,
rich and mature in the mouth. A slightly toasted background flavor with pleasant traces of lees. Altogether elegant. Lingering and
Grape Varieties: 45% Macabeo, 40% Xarello and 15% Parellada
Appellation: D.O. Cava (Penédes)
Finished Alcohol: 12.0%


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J Vineyards Sets The Standard For California’s Finest Sparkling Wines.


While no one can deny the fact that only France truly claims the right to call sparkling wines, grown in the Champagne district Champagne, sparklers around the world can be a viable alternative and in some cases, compete with their French cousins.

Such is the case of the following two from J Vineyards and Winery. Truth be told, the 2003 Late Disgorged Vintage Brut deserves mention with the finest Sparkling Wines California makes. Subtle, elegant, attention grabbing and gorgeous, it is worth its $90 price tag and would be a jewel in the crown of any New Years celebration.

The 2005 is not to be neglected. It too is a superb example is this vineyard’s class act at about half the cost.

Both can be ordered from the J Website by clicking here.

2003 J Vintage Brut, LD
The vineyards

The 2003 Russian River Valley growing season was a bit of a rollercoaster. Warm periods turned to weeks of cool fog, and a damp April gave way to a warm May. The late spring bloom pushed the harvest into September, which was a few weeks later than normal. Overall there was a favorable yield of grapes, proving once again that the Russian River Valley is exceptional terroir for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


All of the grapes were hand-harvested into small quarter-ton bins and placed as whole clusters, without de-stemming, into our special Coquard press for a gentle pressing. The juice was fermented and kept separately until the final blending decision, which took place in November. The cuvée (blend) was assembled the next month, cold stabilized to remove excess tartrates, and then bottled in July of 2004.


After the secondary fermentation occurred in the bottle, the wine was aged on tiragefor seven years in our cellars. In early 2012, the wine was carefully riddled to remove the yeast sediment. Following disgorging, a dosage of oak-aged reserve wine was added to balance acidity. An additional five months of aging on the cork was added before release.

Tasting Notes

The 2003 J Late Disgorged Vintage Brut exhibits an enticing array of aromas, including toasted almond, citrus, caramel, and baked bread. A sophisticated mélange of pear and lime notes follow savory lemon and delicate cinnamon flavors. This wine is perfect for a Sunday brunch that might include strawberries with Meyer lemon curd and Cow Girl Creamery Red Hawk triple-cream cheese lightly spread over toasted cracked wheat bread.

APPELLATION:Russian River Valley

HARVEST DATE:August 21 – September 4, 2003

WINE ALCOHOL:12.5% by volume

WINE ACID:8.3 grams per liter

WINE pH:3.14


FINAL BLEND:49% Pinot Noir, 49 % Chardonnay, 2% Pinot Meunier


SRP: $90

2005 J Vintage Brut
The vineyards

The 2005 Russian River Valley growing season was cooler than average, though July was a bit warmer. The cool weather delayed the sparkling wine harvest to mid-August, and a spike in temperatures gently pushed the grapes to their proper balance of pH and acidity.


All of the grapes were hand-harvested into small quarter-ton bins and placed as whole clusters, without de-stemming, into our special Coquard press for a gentle pressing. The juice was fermented and kept separately until the final blending decision, which took place in November. The cuvée was assembled the next month, cold stabilized to remove excess tartrates, then bottled in May of 2006.


After the secondary fermentation occurred in the bottle, the
wine was aged on tirage for nearly five years in our cellars. In early October 2011, the wine was carefully riddled to remove the yeast sediment. Following disgorging, a dosage of barrel-aged reserve wine was added for balance. An additional three months of aging on the cork was added before release.

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes by Winemaker Melissa Stackhouse
I love the fine, persistent bubbles in this Vintage Brut. The 2005 vintage features luscious aromas of ripe citrus, pear, and honeysuckle. A noticeable yeasty brioche and butterscotch aroma lures you in for the first sip. Slight toasted almond characters add to the layers in the mouth with pear, taffy apple, and citrus flavors. An excellent balance of toast and rich fruit flavors is the hallmark of this vintage brut. It is the perfect apéritif or first-course accompaniment to a potato leek purée drizzled over curly endive with a dash of truffled caviar.

APPELLATION:Russian River Valley

HARVEST DATE:August 15 – September 16, 2005

FINAL BLEND:54% Chardonnay, 43% Pinot Noir, 3% Pinot Meunier

SRP: $48


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ENZA Prosecco_main_pg

Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits (Deutsch Family), a leading marketer of award-winning wines and spirits from around the world, announced today that it is proud to introduce Enza Prosecco, which will be available nationwide in the U.S. starting December 2012.

Enza Prosecco, which will retail at $14.99 a bottle, is made from only the finest Prosecco DOC grapes from the heart of Italy’s Treviso region, offering unparalleled quality at a competitive price point. Enza brings a fresh new approach to sparkling wine with packaging that evokes the quintessentially Italian elements of style and sensuality, appealing to both men and women.  The elegant packaging and competitive price point make Enza an ideal choice for consumers looking for a combination of value, quality and style in today’s challenging economy.

Prosecco is one of Italy’s symbols of good-taste and sophistication. Enza embodies the style and grace of Italy, from its elegant label to its unique taste with sensual hints of honey and tropical fruit.

Enza Prosecco is the ideal choice to add a sophisticated sparkle to holiday entertaining. Enza gives every occasion Italian style and flair for turning even the casual holiday party into a stylish and refined gathering.  The festive packaging and refreshing taste profile make it the perfect sparkling to toast the holiday season.

“When we developed the brand, we wanted to create the image of sophistication and style, that is synonymous with Italy. We are delighted with the fun and fiery design that truly brings Enza to life,” stated Renato Reyes, Deutsch Family Chief Marketing Officer.

Enza is produced by the Soligo cooperative, established in 1957, in collaboration with the Pozzi family. The Soligo cooperative has been family owned for three generations and represents families of growers in the Prosecco DOC region who share a passion for Prosecco and their region.

Enza Prosecco is a refreshing sparkling wine with hints of honeysuckle, green apple, and peach with a note of citrus. It is crisp and light with just a touch of fruit sweetness.

A delight for Thanksgiving, Christmas or just an aperitif or family dinner.


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J Vineyards & Winery Launches Brut Rose in Sleek, Sexy New Package. Absolutely Lush and Exciting


Coinciding with its 25th Anniversary Celebration, J Vineyards & Winery has introduced a non-vintage Brut Rose sparkling wine in a sleek, sexy new clear bottle. The bottle features a distinctive black version of its iconic brushstroke J logo.

"After a quarter century of crafting luxury wines, we still love introducing new wines and new packaging," said Judy Jordan, Founder and President of J Vineyards & Winery. "The eye-popping, rich, pink salmon hue of this pinot noir-based sparkling wine is now on full display for all to see.  It’s a real treat."

Although limited in production, the J Brut Rose can be found on many fine dining wine lists and independent retail stores throughout the country.  To find a retail store near you, or to purchase the wine directly, go to


  • 100% Russian River Valley cool-climate grapes
  • 64% Pinot Noir; 34% Chardonnay; 2% Pinot Meunier
  • Traditional saignee methode champenoise techniques
  • Limited production, sleek new clear glass package
  • Elegant aromas of wild strawberry, nectarine, and fresh cut apples
  • Flavors of cherry, blood orange, citrus peel, and tropical fruit
  • The first thing you have to notice is the sexy bottle and the seductive wine color that grabs you. After that, when you’re tasting the wine, you think…crisp, red berries, blood orange, lemon peel, concentrated flavors, perfect balance, effervescent, elegant, and can I have another glass. For me, this wine is great with fruit or Hog Island oysters. Or a perfect way to start an evening out with friends.

    APPELLATION:Russian River Valley

    WINE ALCOHOL:12.5% by volume

    WINE ACID:7.3 grams per liter

    WINE pH:3.17


    FINAL BLEND:64% Pinot Noir, 34% Chardonnay, 2% Pinot Meunier



Founded in 1986 by Judy Jordan, J Vineyards & Winery is an independently-owned Sonoma County winery.  The Winery is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year.

J Vineyards & Winery focuses on non-vintage Brut, Vintage Brut, and Brut Rose sparkling wines, as well as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Gris Estate varietal wines, all produced from grapes farmed primarily within Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley appellation.

The J Vineyards & Winery Visitor Center and Bubble Room is located at 11447 Old Redwood Highway, south of Healdsburg. To learn more, or to join the J Wine Club, go to

California’s Best Sparklers: The Walman Report

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La Marca’s Prosecco Spumante Is A Sparkling Star


Founded more than 40 years ago, La Marca® is a winery cooperative representing over 5,000 winegrowers who farm over 17,000 acres in the area of Treviso, in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The name “La Marca” refers to the zone of La Marca Trevigiana, source for the winery’s finest grapes. The winery’s headquarters are in the city of Oderzo, in the heart of Prosecco country. Consulting winemaker for La Marca® Prosecco is Fabrizo Gatto.

Tradition at La Marca® runs hand in hand with modern winemaking techniques, all with an eye to the changing demands of the international market for wine.

La Marca® is particularly proud of its fully sparkling Prosecco Spumante. Prosecco has been taking the international wine drinking public by storm. La Marca®’s Prosecco is a delicious, fragrant and fruity wine that is winning hearts and palates wherever sparkling wines are consumed.

Though relatively new to the international market, Prosecco production reflects a long history of painstaking grape growing and winemaking in its unique region.

The hills of Treviso provide unique soils and microclimates that are perfect for the Prosecco grape (the grape and the wine have the same name). La Marca® adds to that perfection by expertly creating the base wines for their Prosecco and then gently adding effervescence through the Charmat process, the ideal way to protect the wine’s delicate aromatics and delightfully light texture. La Marca® Prosecco is a versatile sparkler, a delight on its own as an aperitif, and for any (and every) special occasion. The wine has the substance and energetic acidity to match a wide range of foods and cuisines: Italian of course, but try it with Thai cuisine, a solid American barbecue, or light appetizers.

Although sold under a single brand, La Marca® Prosecco represents the work, the skill, and the traditions of literally thousands of Italian winegrowers and wine workers who remain dedicated to upholding the traditions and quality standards of their region’s own unique wine.

La Marca® 2008 Prosecco Spumante

Wine Description:

Prosecco Spumante is a fully sparkling wine made in Northern Italy from the Prosecco grape. Prosecco is characterized by light and delicate fruit and floral aromatics, relatively low alcohol levels, and a friendly mouthfeel. Prosecco is best consumed soon after production while it still retains its youthful fruitiness and stimulating acidity.

Winemaking Notes:

The La Marca® 2008 Prosecco is produced from 100% Prosecco grapes, harvested in early September 2008, sourced from hundreds of small vineyards throughout the region. The grapes were crushed immediately after harvest before being pressed in gentle membrane presses. The juice was allowed to cold-settle before the initial fermentation occurred in stainless steel at 59-65º F. The still wine underwent aging on the lees prior to a secondary fermentation using the Charmat process at a temperature of 59 º F.

Tasting Notes:

This fully sparkling wine is a pale, golden straw in color. Bubbles are full textured and persistent. On the nose the wine brings fresh citrus with hints of honey and white flowers.  The flavor is fresh and clean, with ripe citrus, lemon, green apple, and touches of grapefruit, minerality, and some toast. The finish is light, refreshing, and crisp.

Recommended Cuisine:

La Marca® Prosecco has the charm to stand alone as an aperitif, but it also has the body and the acidity to match well with a range of fragrant and spicy dishes. Try it with seafood, mild cheeses and any tomato-rich dish, or even with fruit-based desserts.

A bottle of charm. You’re going to like this one!

Finished Wine:
Varietal Content: 100% Prosecco
Varietal Origin: IGT Veneto
Alcohol: 11.30% by vol.
Residual Sugar:   1.7 g/100ml
Total Acidity: .58 g/100ml
pH: 3.2

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Valdo Rose Brut Is An Affordable Charmer

Nerello Mascalese Hi-Res


Valdo’s Philosophy: “Prosecco” is the distinguishing factor on the regional level- refined aromas, balance and overall quality are the key features Valdo
focuses on to produce unique and unrivalled products. 

Valdo was started in 1926 by the Societa Anonima Vini Superiori & purchased by The Bolla Family in the 1940’s. Over 80 years of continuous
innovation with an ongoing quest for quality and devotion to respecting the vineyards & wine-making traditions of the region.

The Spumante Rosé is created from the perfect blend of two typical Italian vines, the Sicilian black berry Nerello Mascalese, from Sambuca Sicily in the province of Argiento which is 300 meters above sea level, and Glera, the fruity grapes from the Veneto region in the province of Treviso at 80 meters above sea level.  The vineyard that grows the Nerello Mascalese has clay and limestone soil and the Glera vineyard is alluvial clay. 

Harvest takes place during the end of August and the first half of September.  After the grapes are selected there is a soft pressing of red
grapes which are not left in contact with the skins for maceration. The wine goes through the Charmat method for 3 months in steel tanks.

The color is like scarlet brush strokes on rose petals.  The bouquet has fine and elegant blossoms, with a consistent presence of raspberry. The palate has a tickling fine perlage of minute bubbles; pleasant round warm flavor with a charming fruity aroma.  The whirlwind of sensations generated by this excellent Rosé wine from the Valdo expertise, is pure delight.

Yields:  Nerello Mascalese : 10,000 kg/ha Glera: 15,000 kg/ha
Grape Varieties: Nerello Mascalese, Glera
Finished Alcohol: 12%

Delightful with roast pork or just to sip. SRP: Under $15.

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